Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use

Rapportant KPO controls this website for any kind of information or transaction advisory. We provide you with all the information regarding our website and services along with data, resources, items, organizations, items, and devices. We understand and agree to the associated terms and conditions as mentioned in the policy. We maintain all the authority to alteration to this user agreement without any kind of announcement in advance. It is your responsibility to keep updated with the changes made in the information on the website and familiarize yourself with any modifications to any information.


Code of Conduct

By going through our website, directly or indirectly you agree to the use of the information in accordance with the user agreement and other suitable laws & rules.

1.1 - You shall not practice any of the services which are offered by Rapportant KPO through any means other than the means provided through us by means of any robotized or unfair methods.

1.2 - Contributing to any program that disappointments or interferes with our Resources, including the servers and/or systems, to which our Resources are found or joined, is completely prohibited.

1.3  - You need to provide information such as ID proof, phone number, email, etc at the time of availing of any of our services. It is mandatory that you provide your information for any registration process. The information must be right and correct.

1.4  - It is prohibited to duplicate, imitates any proposal, conversation, or exchange of or asset in any form.

1.5  - You have to keep your login ID safe and secure while using our resources.

1.6  - You shall be accountable for any kind of trouble occurring due to the use of any unapproved layout or resource leading to any illegal or mutual risk.

1.6.1 - We provide online journal comments, blog entries, public visits, discussions, communication sheets, newsgroups, item assessments, reviews, and many others on our website. You agree not to misuse these resources and use them ethically. You also agree not to hand over or disburse any post or proposal from our website.

1.6.2 - You agree not to infringe any trademark, patent, prized formula, copyright, or any other exclusive right of any meeting.

1.6.3 - You agree not to use any illegal, debilitating, offensive, harmful, tapping, degrading, terrifying, false, beguiling, obtrusive, racist, inappropriate, or explicit language.

1.6.4 - You agree not to impersonate any individual or material of any kind.

1.6.5 - You agree not to use any kind of unapproved or impulsive circulation.

1.7 - We shall relocate any content that is not useful to our consent and any other material that in our opinion is unfriendly, critical, unpleasant, or off base in nature. We are not accountable for any discontent arising out of our removal of data.

1.8 - Rapportant KPO maintains the authority to assume control of any clause under the User Agreement.


Task Completion Timeline 

The timelines decided for the achievement of the task are based on estimations and must not be taken for granted as to any agreed promise. Completing any task on any defined deadline depends on numerous factors such as government norms and third-party merchants (CA,CS, payment gateway, etc). Especia does not guarantee any such commitment under any such influence. Especia shall not be responsible for any of your shortcomings or obligations that arise due to your non-compliance or non-availability.


Restriction of Service contract

Any resource available on your website does not warrant any obligation on Rapportant KPO as- 

  • The resources are provided to address your problems or requirements
  • The resources shall not contain any errors and shall suit your requirements.
  • the data generated through the available resources shall be precise and solid
  • The resources provided through the website shall carry fixed limitations or usefulness.
  • If you use or copy any of our material at your own precise attentiveness you shall be responsible for any loss that occurred due to the use of any such material
  • We provide no assurance of any kind on any data transferred or used by you through our website.


Trademarks /Copyrights

Any content, design, site name, code, pictures, and logos present on the website are the licensed innovation of Rapportant KPO and are protected under suitable copyright and trademark law. You are prohibited from making any trademark/copyright infringement without prior permission of Rapportant KPO.


Liability Impediment

Rapportant KPO is liable for any sum paid for the use of items and/ or administrations. Rapportant KPO for any loss or injury to business sustained due to the use of our data or resources through our website.https://rapportant.com/ shall not be held responsible for any misfortune or harm arising out of the use of our resources.


End of Use

We possess the authority to suspend or terminate your access to all or any of the resources on our website without any prior announcement for any purpose. Any suspected, unlawful, false, or harmful action may lead to an end to our mutual agreement and you shall be held liable for legal action. Your authority to access our resources shall end with any suspension imposed by us.


Refund and Cancellation

You cannot request a refund once the payment is made. Rapportant KPO shall not be responsible for any discount in the case of termination or non-execution of the contract.


Overseeing Law

Rapportant KPO controls this website from our office location in Surat, Gujarat. It is accessible to  anyone across the globe. You agree to use our website under the parameters of the United Nations Conventions on the  International Sales of Goods and the laws applicable under India and the state of Gujarat.